A Grateful Parent

Our daughter wasn’t learning and our relationship with the school system was deteriorating.  We desperately needed help!  It was essential for us to have someone with extensive experience in special education so we hired Donna Cambria.

Donna’s previous work as a special education teacher enables her to understand what a child truly needs in order to be successful in school.  As a former superintendent of schools for a specialized school district she has the administrative background to understand the inner workings of a school system.  Her ability to comprehend the complexities of the special education process is unparalleled.  This combined with her expertise in interpreting evaluations enabled her to identify, and present to the PPT with unwavering confidence, our daughter’s academic and social needs. Donna’s devotion to our daughter along with her relentless determination ultimately helped us secure an appropriate educational placement for her.

You will find Donna’s passion for helping your child inspiring which will give you the much needed energy to continue in your quest for an appropriate education which your child so justly deserves.

A Grateful Parent

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