Special Education Advocacy

  • student-advocacyComprehensive review of student’s education record
  • Verbal consultation with the student’s parents and written recommendations regarding a student’s record after a record review
  • Preparation for PPT meetings, 504 meetings and other team meetings, including drafting of agendas and consultation with the parents
  • Attendance at PPT meetings, 504 meetings and other team meetings with the parents
  • Review of IEP or 504 Plan subsequent to the PPT or 504 Meeting and dadvocacyrafting of communication to the school district regarding the IEP or 504 Plan, if necessary
  • Drafting of correspondence to school districts or other parties on behalf of the parents regarding the issues of concern related to their child’s education
  • Review of a child’s education program, including an observation of the student, with recommendations regarding possible IEP or 504 Plan changes for the PPT or 504 Team’s consideration
  • Provision of services as an independent consultant to monitor IEP or 504 Plan implementation, to provide training to school district staff regarding the child’s IEP or 504 Plan and to convene regular consultations with school district staff regarding the implementation of a child’s IEP or 504 Plan
  • Drafting of complaints on behalf of parents to the Connecticut State Department of Education student-advocacy-servicesunder its complaint resolution process when a violation of federal or state special education regulations is alleged to have occurred and has not been able to be resolved by the PPT process
  • Attendance at mediations with parents
  • Review of possible outplacement options, including on-site visits with the parents
  • Any other services agreed to by the parent and Donna Cambria, the managing member of Donna G. Cambria Consulting, LLC.