Mr. and Mrs. M

I can´t say enough great things about Donna. When our son was finally identified at age 9, Donna offered us a lot of support while we worked with the school to get him the best IEP possible.  She helped us understand our son´s needs and rights, process the complicated language of IEPs, and navigate the stressful world of PPT meetings.  Donna made it her priority to get to know our son very well in order to give us the best advice possible.  Even though Donna had a busy schedule, she made our son´s case her priority and made herself available to us even at short notice.  She is kind and respectful, but also a tough negotiator when sitting across the table from school officials.  She is extremely knowledgeable and keeps current with the latest developments in her field.  She has been our number 1 cheerleader and supporter, a life-saver for our son and our family, and we look forward to continuing working with her in the future.”

Mr. and Mrs. M, parents

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