Donna Cambria is a top notch advocate for children’s rights. As a parent with a child with special needs, I found the experience with Donna Cambria’s advocacy to be profound. She understands and interprets CT state laws proficiently and she is definitely the one to have on your side when you need to fight for your child’s rights! She listened to our concerns, made us feel calm and comfortable talking through the painful issues our son was experiencing at his school, due to non-compliance of his IEP. Within our first meeting, Donna helped us understand our options and devised a strategy of what our next steps would entail. At our PPT, Donna handled the entire process, addressed all key personnel and mediated and resolved our issues succinctly, with tact and diplomacy. Our son is now doing great, his IEP is being implemented and we couldn’t have moved forward without her. Donna is a true blessing to our lives!

 – Mrs. Y, Parent

Ms. Donna Cambria was my educational advocate.  As an adult today, I know that Ms. Cambria’s support helped me become a strong self-advocate, a devoted college student, and now, successfully employed. Her attention to my educational needs consisted of long hours and relentless efforts in order for her to obtain an appropriate education for me. I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in May 2016 and without Ms. Cambria’s knowledge as a strong advocate, this dream of mine would not have been possible.

 A Successful Student

We are grateful for Donna’s knowledge and expertise in Special Education and Education. It is beyond your average Consultant/Advocate. Donna made sure that our son received an appropriate education that met his needs in order to be successful in school. We are looking forward to his graduation and going to college. We could not have accomplished this without her help. Only wish we had met her sooner. It would have saved our family a lot of stress.

 – Mr. & Mrs. P, Parents

My daughter is a 24 year old college student who is hearing impaired and learning disabled. She was 10 years old when I reached out to Ms. Donna Cambria. As a parent of a child with a disability, we knew that although our daughter had the motivation and determination to earn an education, she had to overcome many challenges. Donna Cambria, our daughter’s advocate, was the key to her success. In many PPT meetings, Ms. Cambria believed in her abilities and supported her educational needs. Our daughter never lost her self-esteem or strong work-ethic because Donna believed in her. Donna is a knowledgeable professional with a pleasant demeanor who is highly respected by many professionals in education. She is a strong advocate who will get a student what they need to be successful.

 – Mrs. F, Parent

For several years, my husband and I, along with school staff, attempted to develop an appropriate academic program for our daughter with minimal success. Thankfully, a friend recommended Donna Cambria. Being accompanied to our PPTs by Donna, we were finally heard, and our daughter’s needs were identified, validated and a well-constructed IEP was in place. Donna’s expertise in special education, along with her professionalism, perseverance and empathy has turned our daughter’s life around.

– Mr. and Mrs. K, Parents

The Office of the Child Advocate had the distinct pleasure of working with Donna Cambria, examining the special education needs of young children with disabilities and the practice of restraint and seclusion in schools. Donna brought unparalleled commitment, passion and partnership to this important work for children. Her understanding of state systems, school district organizational structure, special education and the needs of children and families brought tremendous value to our collaboration and investigative work.

– Sarah Eagan, JD, Child Advocate, Office of the Child Advocate

Donna Cambria served as our consultant when The Connecticut College Children’s Program was preparing for the Connecticut State Department of Education review for approved private special education programs. Ms. Cambria brought to the table exactly what I needed. Her thorough and meticulous laser eye directed me to think with a heightened and informed sense of specificity and her suggestions guided us toward a positive and pleasant review process. I am thankful to Ms. Cambria and would with the confidence resulting from that experience recommend her consultation skills.

– Kathryn O’Connor, Ph.D., Director, Connecticut College Children’s Program

Hiring Donna Cambria of Donna G. Cambria Consulting, LLC was a strategic decision that reaped benefits beyond our expectations. Donna’s extensive knowledge of and experience in progressive education ensured the implementation of current best practices and the expansion of services to meet the diverse needs of our students in our Approved Private Special Education School.

– Amy Lefebvre, M.Ed.,Director of Operations, NAFI CT

Donna began working with us at a very fragile time in the special education process, where our relationship with the district had fallen apart. After the first PPT with Donna, we knew that we had found someone who would support, guide, and most importantly educate us to make the best decisions for our son. Donna brought a very calming and straight forward demeanor to our meetings. She keeps the PPT team focused on the agenda, making the meetings efficient and holding the district accountable for many aspects of the IEP/PPT process that we were not aware had previously been overlooked. With Donna, our son’s needs became the focus of the PPT team and great improvements were made in his program. Donna was the missing piece to our team that we had been searching for. Without her, we never would have achieved the results that we did, which placed our son and our family right where we wanted to be.

–  K & C, Parents

Mrs. Cambria worked closely with The Pinnacle School as our consultant and then as our interim Educational Director during our initial state approval process. She was instrumental in every step of the process and was an amazing asset and a wealth of information. Mrs. Cambria worked tirelessly to ensure that we had everything in place leading up to our review days. She also seamlessly stepped in as our leader, supporting staff and spearheading the IEP process with school districts. We will be forever grateful for the key role Mrs. Cambria played at our school.

– Dr. Alisa Dror, Ph.D, BCBA, Chief Administrator, The Pinnacle School