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Donna G. Cambria has dedicated her life to the education of students with disabilities and to the education of students whose education has been impacted by mental illness, trauma or by their involvement in the child welfare or juvenile justice systems. Since her undergraduate work at Boston College, she has worked tirelessly on behalf of these children and youth, pursuing advanced degrees and leadership positions so as to increase her impact on the education of these specialized student populations.

Certified as an elementary school teacher, a special education teacher, an educational administrator and as a superintendent of schools, Donna possesses a deep understanding of the needs of individual students and of the educational systems which are designed to meet such needs. She views the student at the center of all educational decisions and has implemented that philosophy in all of her work. Donna has a Bachelor of Arts degree in special education and elementary education, a Master of Science degree in special education with a concentration in emotional disturbance, a Certificate of Advanced Study in educational leadership and eighteen hours of additional educational leadership coursework towards her credentials as a superintendent of schools.

Donna’s expertise emanated from her early work as a special education teacher within a residential treatment center and from a career dedicated to understanding students’ rights and to establishing and implementing systems to ensure adherence to those rights. Her leadership of this work was highlighted by her appointments on two occasions by two Commissioners of Connecticut’s Department of Children and Families as Superintendent of Schools, assuring the provision of an appropriate education for children and youth under the care and supervision of that Department. Her knowledge of special education laws and regulations was enhanced by two positions as an Education Consultant with Connecticut’s State Department of Education. Her advocacy for students has pervaded all of her work and is enhanced by her passion, by her insight, and by her refined ability to facilitate resolution.

As the current owner of Donna G. Cambria Consulting, LLC, Donna continues the pursuit of equitable and excellent education for all students. As an advocate, individualized education program (IEP) facilitator, consultant and trainer, she serves as a valuable resource to students and their families and to those schools, agencies and other stakeholders who seek to provide quality education to students with disabilities or other specialized needs. Unwavering in her commitment to this aim, Donna works tirelessly on behalf of those who seek her assistance.